ClangNet Chat Commands

So you've seen the panel under the stream and have decided that you want to know what commands that you can use with ClangNet?  The bot, as well as being a bit sassy and crap with the jokes, is very interactive and will provide all of the informations when you ask for them.  Here is the list of commands and what you can do...

Here's a key to what the parameters mean:

  • Text in italics is something that you need to enter.
  • Parameters in [ ] are required and need to be entered with the command.
  • Parameters in < > are optional and is up to you depending on what you want to know.

Links to the categories of commands:

 Command Parameters Description
Social Commands
!discord   How to jump on to the Prophets of Rage Discord server.
!socials   Displays a list of the links to our various social media outlets.
!steam   A link to IanDLive's Steam profile page if you want to join in with a game.
!steamgroup   How to join the Prophets of Rage Steam group.
!youtube   A link to the IanDLive YouTube channel.
!por-youtube   A link to the Prophets of Rage YouTube channel.
!xebon   A link to see the other members of the Xebon team on Twitch.
!xebondiscord   A way to join the Team Xebon Discord
!ctt   Help to promote the stream in the big wide world of Twitter.
Song Request Commands
!sr [Artist] [Title] | [YouTube URL] Request the song of your choice to be added to the song request queue.
!wrongsong   Added the wrong song or did the YouTube search not go as expected?  Remove your choice with this command.
!skipsong [vote] Want to skip to the next song?  Cast your vote, and if there is enough, the song will be skipped.
!currentsong   Like the song and want to know what it is?  This is the command for you.
!nextsong   Lets you know what the next song on the playlist is.
Information Commands
!gamertag   Want to add and join IanDLive in game?  If there's a gamertag associated with the game then you can find it with this command.
!gamemods   Is the current game using any mods?  If so they may be listed here.
!uptime   How long has IanDLive been streaming for.
!followers <Channel> Shows how many followers the channel has, or for the channel specified.
!followed <User> Gives you the time and date of when you followed the channel, or for the user specified.
!howlong <User> Find out how long you or the specified user has been following the channel.
!song   Displays the latest song played from Pretzel Rocks.
Sellout Commands
!merch   Find the latest in cultist robes and accessories in the Prophets of Rage shop.
!humble   Get great games at cheaper prices while supporting charities and helping IanDLive along the way,
!cdkeys   More titles at cheaper prices, even for new releases available at CD-Keys with IanDLive's affiliate link.
Chat Activity Commands
!lurk   Decided that you want to hang back from chat and just watch for a bit, and let others know that as well?  Use this command to announce your departure.
!unlurk   Announce your return back to the chat, maybe with a whimper or maybe with a blaze of glory.
!hype   Spam all of the emotes with some hype!!
!fettle   Should your host have had a drink or eaten yet?  Find out when the bot thinks I should do either of these things with this command.
!addquote [Quote] Seen something funny in chat and want to preserve it for all time?  This is how...
!quote <Quote No.>

Retrieve a random quote from the quote list, or type a number after the command for that specific quote.

!quote list  

Display a list of all the quotes.

!greeting [enable | disable] [default | Custom Greeting] Do you want ClangNet to announce your presence on the stream?  Enable and diable the greetings, and use either the default greeting or set your own custom one.
Chat Game Commands
  Find out how many widgets you have earned so far in the channel, the specific currency of ClangNet, used for the bots own games.
!slot   Try your chances on the Prophets of Rage slot machines, but if (when) you lose you may not like the answers.
!8ball [Yes/No Question] Got a question? Just pose it to the magic 8-ball, but be warned, you may not like the answer.
!adventure [Amount to Start Game] Start an adventure game by yourself or with friends, with a chance to earn some widget loot!!!
!roulette   Play Russian Roulette; take the chance, or a timeout may be on its way...
!roll   Do you want to try to win some widgets? Try your luck with the roll of the dice, sarcasm ensues.
!gamble [Amount to gamble] Want to win like a high roller? Gamble your widgets for higher payouts!!
Elite: Dangerous Commands
!edship   (While playing Elite: Dangerous) Lets you see which ship IanDLive is currently piloting.
!edsystem   (While playing Elite: Dangerous) Are you wondering what system IanDLive is in? Find out with this command.
!edshipbuild   (While playing Elite: Dangerous) Find out how IanDLive's current ship is put together, with the information supplied on the EDSM website.
!edcareers   (While playing Elite: Dangerous) Are you new to the game and want to know what you can do? The choices are presented to you with this infographic.
Star Citizen Commands
!scorg   (While playing Star Citizen) Do you fancy joining a recreational organization in Star Citizen? Follow the shown link to find out more.
!scships   (While playing Star Citizen) Take a look at all of the ships that have been released so far within the 'verse.
!scroadmap   (While playing Star Citizen) Check where the development of Star Citizen is with the official development roadmap.
Kerbal Space Program Commands
!kontracts   (While playing KSP) See a list of all of the user generated missions in KSP.
!explode   (While playing KSP) ClangNet predicts a possible outcome of the next vessel launch.
!abort   (While playing KSP) Voice your opinion and spam chat with the Abort emote.