The Elder Scrolls Online: Game Add-ons

The Elder Scrolls Online, for the normal player, does not have any game mods that changes its gameplay due to it being an MMORPG, however there are a whole host of game add-ons that enhance (and if you use too many hinder) that experience within the game.  One way of managing these add-ons is by using the Minion game add-on manager that you can get from the ESOUI website.

Listed below are the add-ons that are used in ESO that is streamed on the IanDLive channel on Twitch.  The list itself is limited to the actual add-ons that are used.  Each of the add-ons may require one or more libraries in order to run (which are also listed within Minion), so it is best to check out the descriptions of the add-on to install it dependencies, or alternatively you can install the add-on, run the game and then check what it is saying is missing and get the required dependencies that way.  Many of the add-ons use the same libraries, so once you've got it, you don't need to install it again.




Advanced Filters - Updated

Sub-filters added to the game so you can find exactly what you are looking for within your inventory, whether its your personal inventory, bank or guild bank.

AI Research Grid

Allows you to see what traits you have already and are currently researching wherever you are in the world, and across different characters.  Also shows you what styles are known for crafting with a particular character.


Primarily used for PvP in Cyrodiil, allows you to place a message in chat to type a string and AutoInvite will take care of adding people to the group when they type the joining message.


Looking for something in particular from a Guild Trader?  This add-on allows you to search and drill down specifically to the type of item that you are after, saving loads of time of wading through all the items a Guild Trader may have to offer.

Clock - Tamriel Standard Time

Have you ever wondered what time it actually is in game?  Thought that it was a bit dark and when was the sun coming up or vice versa?  With the clock, it adds the ingame time and date to the bottom of the world map (or other displays are also an option) letting you keep track of all the days that you are spending in the game.

Combat Metrics

If you need to find out exactly how much damage you are putting out, how much healing you are doing and how all of the crits are adding up then this is for you.  All the information that you need to help perfect that build to how you want to play.

Crafting Stations

Find the locations of all the set bonus crafting stations within Tamriel with this add-on, which also details the perks that they give based on the number of pieces worn.


If you are getting into decorating your home(s) within ESO, DecoTrack automatically maintains a database of all of the furniture that you have throughout them all.


The add-on will allow at your discretion to show a whole host of different points on the world map, like various random events throughout the game, werewolf/vampire shrines, etc.

Dolgubon's Lazy Set Crafter

When you get to that stage of your crafting career and you start to look at what you need to make the gear that you want, it can all get a bit much.  With this add-on you can create a list of the gear that you want to craft (and it will tell you whether you can or not) and it will automatically make it when you get to the relevant stations, so no more wasted mats!!!

Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter

Do you want to get your character to being a master crafter??  This add-on is literally a game changer as it will craft the items for you as required by the writs, saving so much time - it's quicker than changing characters!!!  Does not cover provisioning or alchemy crafting, and if the main goal is for Master Writ crafting, using WritWorthy in conjunction is recommended.


Handy little tool this, allows you to automatically mark selected items as junk when you pick them up so that when you go to a vendor they are automatically sold.  Handy for keeping that bag space as dynamic as possible.

ESO Master Recipe List

Search or track all cooking or furniture recipes in ESO, and will also help by identifying which recipes are required for the provisioning writs.  Also allows you to mark individual ingredients to search for if you need them in your crafting bag.

ESO Master Recipe List Alt Format

Makes a couple of changes to the ESO Master Recipe List add-on so that your character list is the same as it is in the character selection screen and characters that don't know a particular recipe are listed at the end in red.

Essential Housing Tools

Have you ever found that the toold for furnishing your houses in ESO are somewhat... lacking?  This add-on more than makes up for it in the functionality that it provides.  it may look a little intimidating at first, but once you get to grips with it, the facilities that it provides are invaluable.

FCM Quest Tracker

A fully customizable quest tracker that can sit at the side of your screen and can be set up exactly how you want it, showing as much or as little information as required.

Greymind Quick Slot Bar

An additional complimentary ability bar that shows what items you have slotted ing the quickslot radial menu.  Customizations can be set per character or account wide.

Harven's Quest Journal

Have you ever thought that ESO lost some of that 'feel' of a fantasy with the quest log being in just normal menus?  If you did, then with the quest journal you can have all of your missions and quests listed in a quest book, adding to your immersion satisfation within the game.


HarvestMap shows resource nodes, fishing spots and chests on the map and within the 3D world.  I personally find the 3D pins distracting and get in the way, but they are there as an option if you want them.

Idle Animations

Give your character a little personality ('cause persoanlity goes a long way) by giving it the ability to perform certain animations if you have been stood for a while.  It just makes things that you are not just standing there all of the time if you are AFK, etc.

Incombat Wear Helmet

Did you spend a good amount of time in the character creation screen, getting your toon to look just right, only to find that you are wearing a helmet/hood all of the time and not seeing that hairstyle?  This add-on will automatically put the helmet on when you go into combat and off again when out of it, but there is a cooldown on the action, so not always on or off if the battle is very short.

Inventory Grid View

Do you have a large inventory?  Sick of the 11-12 line view that you get with the standard display?  If you're not using the advanced filters (and why not?) then this add-on will change from the text view to a grid view letting you see what you have at a glance.

Item Saver

Lose that important item in your inventory no longer with Item Saver, which allows you to highlight thos important weapons/items that you don't want to lose.

Item Set Browser

Looking for a particular item set and the bonuses that it may provide?  The add-on bypasses the somewhat clunky game UI and allows you to search for what you want how you want to, showing you the pieces that you already have and what you are missing.

Lootdrop, Continued (All in One)

When you have auto-loot turned on in the game, things go straight to your bag and you don't know what they are.  This add-on shows you what you have picked up, the quantity and rarity of the items in a window that fades away.


Make advancing within the Mages Guild easier by locating all of the lore books that are scattered across Tamriel.

Lost Treasure

Have you just found or been given a treasure map or a crafting survey location?  No idea where it is??  This is for you, as soon as the map or survey turns up in your inventory it will place a marker on your map for where it is. 

LUI Extended

Possibly the most graphically altering add-on that appears on this list.  This is the add-on that changes up amost of the user interface, changing your health/stamina/magicka bars, giving prompts in battle, showing how much you are hitting for and being hit.  The number of things that this add-on can do are too much to list here, check it out, it's worth it.

Master Merchant

Are you part of a trading guild in the game and want to see what the best sellers are or do you just want to get deal that you can when you are trying to get the items from various guild kiosks.  Master Merchant analyses the sales and can provide sales info and flag up the best offers in the list for you.

Merlin the Enchanter

Create and destroy glyphs with ease with this add-on, as it allow you to easily identify what you can create and what you still need to learn.  It also allows you to destroy those collected glyphs without having to go through each of them one at a time.

MiniMap by Fyrakin

A simple add-on, but has so many uses playing the game; this adds a small minimap to the UI so that you don't have to constantly be going between the world map and the game when you are trying to orientate where you are.  A staple thing in many MMO's but not in ESO, this is literally an essential.

No Worldmap Wayshrines

Ever felt that the world map looks a little too cluttered up with all the wayshrine markers showing at that level?  Guess what...

Pet Dismiss

Playing as a sorcerer or as a warden?  This is a quick and simple add-on that allows you to dismiss your 'pets' at the press of a single button.

Potion Maker (for Alchemy Crafting)

Allows you to filter the potions that you can make with the reagents that you have, this add-on makes life a little easier when putting a potion together and also has the option there to assist with the alchemy writs.

Quest Map

It may sometimes not seem like much, but have you ever found yourself looking for where a quest is given?  This add-on adds pins to the world map for completed and uncompleted quests, as well as the ones that you are yet to start.

Rare Fish Tracker

Fishing... a realxing pastime that can earn a fair amount of rewards in the game - Rare Fish Tracker keeps track of what you have caught and lists what is still to catch in each of the zones.

Research Assistant

If you have ever wondered whether you need to keep hold of a certain item if you need to research its trait, or to easily identify ornate items to boost your crafting then this is your add-on.  It adds small icons to the inventory list to show items with traits that you have learnt, yet to learn, have duplicates or, are ornate or just need selling.  A real bag space saver!!

Roomba - Guildbank Stacker

You can stack things in your own inventory, but your guild bank is something different entirely.  This add-on automates the moving of items so that they can be stacked to save space within your guild bank if you are full or are close to it.


Quick, simple and to the point - add map pins to the map for all of the SkyShard locations.

Urich's Skill Point Finder

Need more skill points, but don't know where to find them?  All the possible skill point locations and events are listed with this handy little add-on so that you can gobble up every last one of them until your heart's content.

Votan's Fish Fillet

Another nice simple add-on, when you have a copious amounts of fish in your inventory following a fishing session, this fillets the stack in a single command into the usable fish ingredient.

Votan's Fisherman

Displays information regarding the fishing spot that you are interacting with once you have already caught something there.


Is the Master Writ that you have just picked up worth doing?  Do you have the materials/enough gold to buy the materials and/or skills to finish the job?  With WritWorthy you can scan the Master Writ and when used in conjunction with the likes of Master Merchant can give you approximate costs for getting hold of the required materials, as well as automating the production of the said items.

Wykkyd Achievement Tracker

Are you questing through the world and trying to keep up on whether you have met M'aiq enough times?  With the achievement tracker you can keep tabs on those achievements that are important to you.  

Wykkyd Auto Repair

Damaged gear need repairing?  With this installed, just talk to a vendor (but not your assistants, that doesn't work and would be a bit cheaty) and then all your gear is fixed for their usual prices.

Wykkyd Dialog Tweaks

A small but effetive add-on - adds simple enhancements to the NPC dialog windows so that you can use them more easily.

Wykkyd Equipment Borders

Another simple tweak that is so effective - it adds a coloured border around the items that you have equipped on your inventory screen, and also can show you the damage level to each of the items, plus a couple of other bits of information that you may find useful.

Wykkyd Full Immersion

Sometimes it's the little things that make an add-on worth it, and this does those little things, hiding default game windows like the compass when you enter combat or smart hiding the targeting reticule when you are riding around the countryide.  They may not seem like much, but they can make the gameplay experience just that little more... mmmm

Wykkyd Mailbox

Running out of inventory space, or need to keep hold of that special item that you need to keep out of the way?  Using this add-on with someone else running the same add-on allows you to boomerang a mail back to yourself by bouncing it back from them automatically, thus holding whatever you have attached to your mail now sitting in your inbox.

Wykkyd Suite Manager

You may have noticed that a couple of the add-ons here are part of the Wykkyd add-on framework.  The suite manager allows you to save settings that apply across all of the Wykkyd add-ons.

Wykkyd Toolbar

Ever noticed that line of information across the top of the screen, you know, the one that says where I am, what level I am, XP and all that schnizz?  This is the add-on that puts it there, and if configured correctly can nicely compliment the info that is put out by LUI Extended.