Prophets of Rage - The Gaming Community

The PoR (as we are commonly called) is an international English speaking group for casual gamers who want to play in a relaxed and friendly environment.  One of our primary goals is to be able to have a good time and laugh about it with and at each other.  From our humble beginnings as an in-game guild, we've spread further into the gaming worlds mostly focussed on space and science-fiction/fantasy sandboxes, but with a continued passion for all genres.  Check out the video below to see what we are about (video to be added).

So, a bit of background about us...

Back, somewhere in the distant past, a few people were playing the MMORPG that is Star Wars: The Old Republic.  These people that were playing were not trying to be apex gamers; they just wanted to have a laugh and a joke while playing.  They met each other within a guild in the game - the Shadow Guard.  The guild was trying to be one that was oriented towards role play, but as most members were casual players at best, jokes and laughs reigned supreme.

As time moved on, leaders of the guild moved on/disappeared and it was left to our small band to pick up the mantle and continue the community leadership within the game.  This was done quite successfully between IanDLive, Mutilious, Darth Smokealot and LegionVox.  But as time has marched forward, so have people's tastes in games and what games are being developed/released.  Part of this march forward was the advent of The Elder Scrolls: Online, which is the birthplace of the current iteration of the guild/community that is here before you now.  Again within ESO things went through the usual lifecycle of a guild: things got big, then they cooled off as the initial interest waned.  The guild still exists within ESO unto this day, albeit with a slightly diminished presence from its early days.

It was at this point that IanDLive moved on to playing survival sandbox games, and to share his gameplay with friends and others decided to take the plunge into streaming games on Twitch in 2015.  The journey has been a long one, playing many different games over the past few years, but the community has grown and become multi-faceted due to the diversity of the games being played.

So drop in, relax, grab yourself a drink and maybe some snacks and join in with the antics and general mischief that happens within the community.