Mission #0.003 - DearMün - Completed


Send 2 crew members around the Mün and back.


Mission Duration:

Two Streams.



Starting Grant: 10,000√

Completion Reward: 85,000√ + 80 Rep

Failure penalty: -10,000√, -10 Rep (Or -100 Rep upon Kerbal going MIA)


Mission Requirements:

  • Craft must be crewed
    • Must have at least two or more Kerbals onboard 
  • Orbit the Mün
    • Complete one or more orbits around the Mün
  • Witness a Kerbin-rise whilst maintaining Comnet connectivity
  • Preform an EVA in orbit of the Mün

Mission Overview:

The public's interest of the Space Program among the Kerbal population is dwindling, as the number of private tourist flights in LKO increases the public regards spaceflight as more and more of an expensive ride for the rich. To regain the Public interest we wish to broadcast the first-ever views of Kerbin from past the Mün live and regain the awe of space back into young Kerbals. Be advised, should any Kerbal not make it, the public's perception of the Space Program will very ill impacted.