Mission #0.001 - Operation: Rainmaker - Completed


Construct and launch your first artificial satellite


Mission Duration:

One Stream



Starting Grant: 5,000√

Completion Reward: 15,000√ + 10 sci + 10 Rep

Failure pentalty: -7000√ -10 Rep


Mission Requirement:

  • Craft must contain PresMat Barometer
    • Transmit pressure report from Orbit
  • Orbit > 100km
    • Eccentricity < 0.2
    • Inclination between 80° and 100°

Someone must have blessed the rains down in Africa, because it won't stop chucking it down! We need you to launch a state of the art probe (using the junk out the shed) to analyze weather patterns. You need to scan the whole planet, so a highly inclined orbit is needed!